Time for Zilgrei

Time for Zilgrei

Time for ZilgreiTime for Zilgrei

The course booklet "Time for Zilgrei" is intended for learning Zilgrei at home. It is also good to use it as part of a Zilgrei course.

Here you'll get "Time for Zilgrei" - "Self-help course for beginners" directly from the author, M. Staib, published 2010 in Germany.

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What is Zilgrei?

Zilgrei is a very effective self-help method for the alleviation of muscle, joint and nerve problems. Zilgrei consists of the direct combination of conscious breathing, together with simple body movements and postures.

Zilgrei can help with back pain, headache, migraine, neck, arm, shoulder and leg problems, hip pain, restricted movement, menstruation and digestion complaints, problems with intervertebral discs, sciatica or lumbago. Zilgrei can prevent, eliminate or reduce complaints generally known as arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, resulting from the stress of everyday life or complaints caused by lopsided body movements.

Zilgrei also works as a good preventative.

The possible uses of this self-help method are wide and varied. Also as a prenatal aid and during birth Zilgrei can be successfully applied by pregnant women. Zilgrei can also positively influence disturbed sleep, tired-ness, nervousness and stress. The regular use of Zilgrei will improve your breathing, your posture, your well being.

Zilgrei will stimulate your self healing energy.